Permanent.Collection is pleased to present new work by Nathan Ellefson and Selina Trepp, two artists who share an affinity for rules and a penchant for extreme resourcefulness. For both artists an economy of means is a method of expression and economical experiments are performed in relation to the artist’s body.

Nathan Ellefson (Austin, Texas) could be called a scavenger in the very best sense of the word (Agnès Varda would name him a glaneur). He forages, pulls, picks, bakes, melts, and ferments for his objects. In recent sculptures, creating slow and silver eddies in the water of an immersion circulator, hunted, local wild boar meat rests in a vacuum-sealed envelope. Homemade miso cures and stains the wood of a low wooden bench. A leathery swatch of dehydrated kombucha covers a found metal disc on a sweating brick of Himalayan pink salt. Plastic tubes belch and exhale the sweet scent of fermenting carrot. For Ellefson, food is the wild card, the jester, the joke—along with the bodily orifices that consume or expel it.

For this exhibition Ellefson will install work from his ongoing sculptural series using probiotic, fermented, or edible materials. He will also present a selection of new black ink drawings on paper: here a parallel universe of flatulence, phalanges, and other abstract body parts abounds. A fascination with language simmers under the surface. 

A private dinner and kimchi demonstration, hosted by Ellefson, will also take place.


Selina Trepp (Chicago, Illinois) might be called a glaneuse as well. As an artist her kind of foraging is self-contained, a closed loop, limited only to the raw materials that have been in her studio since the fall of 2012. Nothing enters into this studio-terrarium other than the artist’s body, clothes, and food for the day. Self-described as an “artist avoiding painting,” this simple but effective rule has forced her to paint, sculpt, collage, deconstruct, and recycle materials in countless iterations. The end result—her photography—documents a world rich with vibrant (often self-) portraiture, intriguing sculpture, and a deceptively simple narrative space.

 At Permanent.Collection Trepp will present a selection of photographs from Val Verità (Romansch for “Truth Valley”), an ongoing narrative series begun in 2014. Set in a fictional town on the Swiss Alps that hosts an annual horse race on a frozen lake, Trepp has previously explored this locale with photographs depicting various iterations of equines on the afternoon of the race, shitting and preening, while jockeys take smoke breaks and fondle their wives. Continuing the narrative, Trepp’s recent photographs reveal the workings of another micro-environment, the local seedy nightclub after the race, complete with all the dirty secrets of the women’s bathroom: questionable plumbing, lascivious glances, and lines of cocaine.

Please join Permanent.Collection for an opening reception on Sunday, August 9th from 3-6 in the afternoon. A lottery for the private dinner hosted by Ellefson (number of guests limited) will be held at the opening reception.


Born = Seattle, Washington (1988) 

Lives = Austin, Texas

BA = Whitworth University - Printmaking (2010)

MFA = University of Texas at Austin – Studio Art  (2013) 

Member = Ink Tank, Salted Harness



Born = Switzerland (1973)

Lives = Chicago, Illinois

BFA = School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1998)

MFA = University of Illinois at Chicago (2007) 

Work = Lecturer, Animation, DePaul University

Member = Spectralina

See More = www.selinatrepp.info/