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Seth Orion Schwaiger, "Alex.Chitty / Aaron.Meyers," The Austin Chronicle, 12 Dec. 2014.

Here, we have two collectors, makers of collections.

We see products presented without context, user, purpose.

These working prototypes invite a massive shift in scale.

A trip to the next World’s Fair in Austin, Texas.

Custom-made stands offering up the next innovation.



Alex Chitty is an explorer. She moves deftly between modes of making—sculpture, photography, print media—always with an eye for doppelgangers, look-alikes, and other strange objects to accumulate and re-fabricate for her collections. Each set has its own internal language, at the same time weird and seductive. Permanent.Collection will showcase a selection of small objects from the past year—sculptures that play with absence—and a series of altered photographs—charged and layered documents of a daily life.

Aaron Meyers is an inventor. His analytic method of production solves problems you didn’t know existed. With points of reference often based in architecture, at Permanent.Collection he will unveil a series of colorful sculptures: delicate, lyrical wheels in vivid colors, their internal edges sloped down and outward, resting elegantly atop unique display stands. Mechanical, functional products that are mundane and still otherworldly.



Born = Miami, Florida, 1979

Lives = Chicago, Illinois (mostly)

BFA = Smith College – Studio Art, Biology, & Education, 2001

MFA = School of the Art Institute of Chicago – Printmedia, 2008

Work = Museum of Contemporary Art, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, & Columbia College

See More = www.alexchitty.com



Born = Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1988

Lives = Austin, Texas 

BS = Bucknell University – with honors in Mathematics, 2010

MFA = University of Texas at Austin – Sculpture & Extended media, anticipated 2015

See More = www.aaronmeyers.us