Opening Sunday, October 23, 2016, from 3-6pm.

On view during open hours and by appointment, through Sunday, November 13, 2016. 


Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time.

—Steven Wright (1985)


Memory is a peculiar creature. Inherently riddled with error. Faulty. Yet, for all its subjectivity, memory is imbued with power and truth. Artists who are storytellers have a compulsion to share their memories, however flawed, of things that once felt true. With memory, the unfamiliar is pulled back into what is known, and what at first seemed familiar is pushed forward into strangeness. Chicago-based sculptor Chris.Bradley and Houston-based painter Francesca.Fuchs both engage with memory’s two-sided coin, and strive with sensitivity to make what is forgotten and invisible, visible again. Perhaps the inimitable Steven Wright was on to something: amnesia and déjà vu really can co-exist.

Chris.Bradley’s sculpture references mundane, often kitschy objects from our daily lives: key chains, beer cans, printed ephemera, pizza boxes, travel souvenirs, potato chips. Elements of play are always present, as is the irrepressible desire to humanize: to draw a face out of anything readily at-hand. Based on functional objects, meticulously crafted from bronze or wood, and often painted with a sense of precise realism, these works are minimal symbols of shared experiences and sentimental moments between friends. Bradley’s sculptures primarily exist on a one-to-one scale, always in relation to the human hand. They seem designed to be held, to be used and used up, and perhaps even to be forgotten again. At Permanent.Collection, Bradley will present an assortment of his recreated objects: kickboards, used pizza boxes, empty ice bags, and wall drawings of faces made from painted, cast bronze thumbtacks. 

If Bradley’s sculptures strive for verisimilitude, one step removed from the original, Francesca.Fuchs’s paintings are two, sometimes three steps removed. Many of her references have existed in another life as copies or multiples of an original themselves. Often the frame or mat is referenced, with painted shadows that fool the eye enough for a second glance. At Permanent.Collection Fuchs presents a selection of her “works on paper,” painted acrylic canvases of prints and drawings from her richly visual past, with subject matter as wildly varied as Italian ruins, scenes from a World’s Fair, Greco-Roman vase decoration, and German modernist figuration. Although the titles catalogue these works first by medium—print or drawing—Fuchs addresses each image with the same measured attention, with flat and faded brushwork at once equalizing and generative. Often the owner, location, and even the original maker are less important than Fuchs’s own memory of the original. Representing a strange and inviting personal genealogy, her works serve as an archive of the kind of visual possessions that an artist (and the child of an archaeologist) might have around her growing up. Permanent.Collection is also pleased to present a new body of Fuchs’s work: an array of hand-built ceramic vessels, painted in oil. Seemingly worn and chipped, awkward in their sturdy presence, these mugs recreated from the artist’s personal collection are memories made material.

Please join Permanent.Collection for the opening reception on Sunday, October 23rd from 3-6pm. Write to permanentcollectiongallery@gmail.com for directions.


Born = Denville, New Jersey (1982)

Lives = Chicago, Illinois

MFA = School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2010)

BFA = University of Michigan (2005)

See More = http://chris-bradley.us



Born = London, England (1965)

Lives = Houston, Texas

Meisterschülerin = Prof. Tony Cragg, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany (1995)

BA = Hons in Fine Art, Sculpture, Wimbledon School of Art, London (1993)

See More = http://www.francescafuchs.com